dinsdag 18 april 2017

Fifth trial

If I insert a picture from an album, does it connect to the full album when clicked. 

No, that does not work. 
Another trial with a picture from my Dropbox-album in the Archive: 

This picture is just shared with my wife  but picked from an "album" with the share-date as artificial name: 2017-06-08:

Even if that "album" was removed from Photos, the pictures stays here because it is stored in the special Blogger-album in the archive. 

That is even more mysterious with the movie below: that still seems to be in an "album" named 2016-12-01 in the selection panel, but the album does not exist anymore on Photos or in the Archive. 

But the movie does not play anymore...

Uploading a very small image (320px) from pc: 

This gives the same size as when chosen Normal. 

Does uploading a picture still work? 

Yes and this is the full size 2048px image not resized in the blog. 

This image is taken from a testalbum on Google Photos and the question is: what happens if that image in the testalbum is deleted? 

Then the picture does not disappear, but if it is removed from the Blogger-album in the Archive - then it disappears and can't be found anywhere anymore. 

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