woensdag 16 november 2016

Third trial

When an so-called shared-album is created on Photos, this album is not visible in the Archive, so probably it is impossible to insert some pictures here: 

But that is not true as you can see above. 
However: if a shared person adds some pictures of its own, these are not shown and can not be added to this blog. 

A few days later I did remove the shared album from my Photos and you see: the links are broken. So Blogger does not generate backupcopies in the special Blogger-album, but assumes that your albums will be there for eternity. 
That's stupid.

maandag 14 november 2016

Second trial

Can an album disappear? 

Freshly uploaded via Picasa: 

Archieflink (private):

Now I am going to share this album via Photos to check if the album will disappear from the Archive. 

Done, but the album is still visible in the Archive, but does have status Limited now. The new link now is: 
Pierens shared

First trial

I setup this simple blog to check how things go with Google Photos etc. after the retirement of Picasaweb around August 1, 2016

This is just inserting a single photo from my computer: 


And this is inserting a few pictures from a public album in my Archive: 

And this is a pure url from a public album in my Archive (Picasaweb): 

Dropbox album uit het voormalige Picasaweb

And this is sharing link from the same album on Photos: 


Just stop here for the first time since years. 
© Rinus